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(ORD Approp $617,587.48 from Capital Improvemt Projs Certified Complete By Director of Public Works, Closed, & had Residual Balances Returned  to their Source or Sources of Origin, as well as Gen Fund Debt Service Interest, to Provide Funding for Fire Station Repairs):

1. Correct project name to “Fire Station Capital Maintenance – Miscellaneous Improvements”

2. Revise explanation of appropriation to include appropriated amounts and the “to account”

3. Attach Revised Exhibit 1 to correct BT

4. Attach Revised Exhibit 2 to correct CIP sheet






(ORD Apv & Auth Execution & Delivery of an Agreemt to Settle Demo & Nuisance Liens Among the City of Jacksonville, Trout River Opportunity Fund, LLC, Corner Lot Dev Group, LLC and Breeze Homes, LLC, (Collectively, "Developers"), in Connection with the Redev, Rehab & Improvemt of the Vacant Propty located at 5809 Trout River Blvd):

1. Pg. 2, line 23 correct amount should be $129,648.90

2. Place Revised Agreement On File to include Exhibit A (plan and profile of the project)






(ORD Approp $764,823.00 from FY 2018  Fund Balance within the Kathryn Hanna Park Subfund in order to reduce the FY 2019 Gen Fund - GSD Loan & Place the Funding into a Contingency for Initial Funding of the Cure Violence Prog.):



1. Correct appropriation amount in bill title to $764,283

2. Include carryover of funding to FY 19/20

3. Revise purpose of appropriation to place funding in operational accounts to implement the Cure Violence strategy instead of placing funds in a contingency account

4. Attach Revised Exhibit 1 to revise BT for above changes

5. Include public purpose for food & beverage expenditures



NCSPHS amendment, plus adds:

6. Cap expenditures on food and beverages at 5% of the aggregate appropriation






(ORD Approp $30,000.00 in Federal Pass thru Grant Funds from FDOT to Reimburse the City for its Participation in the Design & Proj Mgmt for Sidewalk Improvmnts on Cedar Point Rd.):

1. Place Revised Agreement On File to remove Exhibit G (link to an unnecessary form)

2. Attach a new Exhibit 2 (map showing location of proposed sidewalk)






(ORD Approp $3,325,000.00 (Residual FY 2018 Debt Svc Capacity within the Sports Complex Maint Subfund & Avail Rev within the Amphitheater Subfund) to Provide funding for var CIP's in the Sports & Entertainment Area as well as Approp avail Rev within the Amphitheater Subfund  for var CIP's):

1. Break out the amounts from Debt Service ($1,595,000) and Amphitheater revenue ($1,730,000) in the title of the bill and explanation of appropriation

2. Attach Revised Exhibit 1 to show a change in amounts for the Amphitheater projects

3. Attach list of projects as new Exhibit 2






(ORD Approp a total of $254,840.00 from the Tree Protection & related Trust Fund, Ord Subfund 15F, for the Proj known as " Moncrief Rd Beautification"):

1. Revise appropriation amount to $409,341.42

2. Attach Revised Exhibit 1 to correct scriveners on BT and revise the appropriation amount

3. Attach Revised Exhibit 2 to reflect the revised cost estimates






(ORD Approp a total of $269,000 from the Jax Recreational & Environmental Land Acquisition Capital Projs Fund to Tree Hill, Inc., $103,000.00 of which shall be used for Acquisition of Propty at 7150 Lone Star Rd & the balance for Improvmnts to the Propty):



1. Pg. 1, line 9 correct amount to $103,000

2. Pg. 1, line 11 state balance of $166,000 for the improvements

3. Include Carryover reference in title of bill

4. Remove duplicative Carryover section

5. Pg. 3, line 15 include the period after “Improvements”

6. Attach Revised Exhibit 2 to:

 - Correct City Representative to be Chief of Natural and Marine Resources

 - Remove the Council Auditor from receiving monthly accounting and reporting

- Include audit rights for the Council Auditor

- Under the Notices section correct the Division Chief title and remove suite number

- Clarify in Section 13 that Tree Hill will occupy and manage the property in accordance

  with   the Sublease Agreement

 - Attach Exhibit D the Sublease Agreement



NCSPHS amendment, plus add:

Revises the dollar amounts in #1 and #2 above to correct the acquisition and improvement amounts $101,500 and $167,500, respectively, and attaches Revised Exhibits 1and 3 and Second Revised Exhibit 2 to reflect those amount changes.






(ORD Auth Issuance by City of its Health Care Facilities Rev & Refunding Bonds Baptist Health), Series 2019, of $380,300,000 & Auth a Loan by the City to Southern Baptist Hospital of Florida, Inc.):

1. Revise definition of “Purchaser” on page 5 of bill

2. Strike “the minutes of the public meeting” on page 7, line 25

3. Place revised document On File to revise table of contents and include proof of publication of notice of hearing and report of hearing officer






(ORD-MC Repealing Chapt 220 (Vehicles for Hire), Ord Code, in its entirety; Creating a New Chapt 220 (Vehicles for Hire), Ord Code, to Provide for Vehicles for Hire Background Checks, Insurance, Standards of Svcs, Rates & Administration):

1. Pg. 5, line 27 “ma” should be “may”

2. In new Section 220.501 use numbers instead of Roman numerals for the Parts

3. Include a new Section in the bill that updates the City Fee website to remove the fees associated with the repealed Chapter

4. Change reporting start date to January 1, 2020





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