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(ORD Granting Appl of ACET Recycling, LLC for Initial CON for the ACET Recycling, LLC  Clean Debris Recycling Facility; Providing for Conditions; Incorporating Exhibits):

1.      Attaches Second Revised Exhibit 1 (second revised CON) which includes minimum recycling requirements established in 2019-111 as a Specific Condition for the CON.






(ORD-Q Rezoning 0 Atlantic Blvd & 13723 Atlantic Blvd btwn San Pablo Road North & The Pablo Creek from CCG-1/RR-ACRE to PUD): rezoning approved subject to conditions:

1.      The developer shall copy the City of Jacksonville on all traffic studies and data required by FDOT during the permitting process. If not addressed in the FDOT analyses, a separate analysis demonstrating how traffic exiting the development heading east on Atlantic Boulevard will be accommodated and peak hour analyses of the signalized intersection at San Pablo Road and Atlantic Boulevard may be required by the City prior to site plan approval.

2.      Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.






(ORD-Q Apv Waiver of Minimum Rd Frontage Appl WRF-19-03 at 3951 Baltic St Btwn Yale Ave & Princeton Ave, from 72' to 50' in RLD-90 Dist): denies the waiver.






(ORD-Q Apv Admin Deviation Appl AD-19-08 at 3951 Baltic St btwn Yale Ave & Princeton Ave, to Reduce Required Minimum Lot Area from 9,000 Sq Ft to 6,250 Sq Ft and to Reduce Required Lot Width from 90 Ft to 50 Ft in RLD-90 Dist): denies the deviation.






(ORD-Q Apv Waiver of Minimum Rd Frontage Appl WRF-19-04 at 4432 Wagenhals Ln Btwn Lola Dr & Glendas Meadow Ln, from 80 ft to 0 ft in RR-ACRE Dist): approves the waiver subject to a condition:

1.      The applicant shall provide a visible address for the Subject Property along Wagenhals Road.






(ORD Adopt a Modification to 2030 Comp Plan to Update the Capital Improvemts Element Schedule by Establishing said Schedule for the 2019-2023 FY's in the Capital Improvemts Element): attaches a Revised Exhibit 1 (revised Capital Improvements Element).






(ORD Approp $899,955.00 from Countywide ADA Compliance - Public Bldgs Proj to the ADA Compliance - Pretrial Detention Facility Proj to bring it into Compliance with ADA Requiremts Mandated in Settlemt Agreemt with U.S. Dept of Justice; Amend Ord 2018-505-E (CIP) to decrease funding for the Proj "ADA Compliance - Public Bldgs" and increase funding for Proj "ADA Compliance - Pretrial Detention Facility"):

1.      On Pg. 2, line 8, inserts “of the BT” after “section”.






(ORD Approp. $15,000 Grant recv'd. from AT&T to fund the positivity project, a "Train the Trainer" approach with a focus on positive Psychology's 24 character strengths, invoking the exception to sec. 126.107 (g),Ord code; Apv & Auth the Mayor & Corp Sec & CEO of the KHA to execute a contract with the positivity project for children's svcs. programs; waiving the provisions in Chapt. 77 (Kids Hope Alliance), Sec. 77.111 (a) (provider contracts), Ord Code):

1. Pg. 2, line 2. after “AT&T” inserts “which will be used to fund The Positivity Project”.

2. Pg. 2, line 24, strikes “2” and inserts “1”.

3. Strikes waiver of Sec. 77.111(a) from title and bill.

4. Adds KHA as oversight department.






(ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec. to Execute & Deliver a lease agreement. btwn. The City of Jax (Lessor) & Jacksonville University (Lessee), for a term of 10 yrs., subject to a right in lessee to terminate without cause on 60 days' notice, propty. located in Mayport, FL. for $1.00 per yr., for lessee's use for general administrative & office use, educational, outreach, & development programs include an educational & outreach program with Ocearch; Oversight by Real Estate Div., Dept. of Pub Wks):

1.      Places Revised Agreement On File to clarify City’s fund raising to mean the City may establish a fund to accept donations for renovations.






(ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec. to Execute & Deliver that certain lease agreement btwn The City of Jax ("Landlord") & Gryphon Marine, LLC, F/K/A CDI Marine Co. LLC. ("Tenant") for bldg 900 at Cecil Commerce Ctr., 12,474 sq. ft. of Ofc Space located at 6017 POW-MIA Memorial Pkway, Jax, FL., for a term of 2 yrs, with options to renew for (2) addnl 12 month terms at a monthly rental rate of $10,476.66 with a CAM of $200 per month, with 3% annual rent increases; Oversight by the OED):

1.      Corrects zip code to 32221.

2.      Spells out “CAM” acronym.

3.      Clarifies that 3% annual increase will commence after initial term ends.






(ORD Approp a transfer of $1,100,000 in funding from OED Rsv Acct to an Operating Line within the Shipyards Environmental Cleanup Project, Amending the 2019-2023 CIP Apv by Ord 2018-505-E to provide funding for the Project entitled "Shipyards Project - Environmental Cleanup" ):

1.      Corrects account names in bill title and explanation of appropriation.






(ORD Auth the Borrowing & Approp of $18,000,000 in Funding from the City's Commercial Paper Facility, in order to provide Funding (1) $15,000,000 to Settle Certain Litigation btwn the City & Jacksonville Landing Investments, LLC ("JLI") concerning the Disposition, Development & Lease agreement btwn the City & JLI ("Landing Lease"), Terminate the Landing Lease, & acquire title to the Landing Bldg. Improvemnts & related personal property; (2) $1,500,000 for obligations of The City relating to Sublease termination, Tenant Relocation Costs, & other expenses; (3) $1,500,000 for Demolition of the Landing Bldg Improvemnts & Site Preparation costs; Amend the 2019-2023 CIP,  Apvd by Ord 2018-505-E to add the Project entitled "JLI West Parcel Demolition/Site Preparation";  Approving the settlement of certain litigation btwn The City & JLI with respect to Landing Lease; Apv & Auth the Mayor or Designee & Corp Sec to Execute said agreemts as set forth in the settlement agreement;  Auth OGC or designee to take further action to conclude the litigation):

1. Reduces borrowing to $14.5 million and appropriates $3.5 million from the Downtown Economic Dev. Fund.

2. Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT) to correct project number and change funding sources.

3. Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised CIP Sheet) to correct project number and change funding sources.

4. Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised Settlement Agreement) to include missing exhibits.






(ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver, for & on behalf of the City, that Certain Agreemnt for Sale & Purchase  ("PSA") btwn the City of Jax ("City") & Harbour Waterway Special Dist ("Harbour"), & to Execute all deeds & closing documents relating thereto & take all necessary action to effectuate the purposes of the agreement, for the PSA, comprised of approx 44 acres of real propty located on an Island/Peninsula used for Dredge Spoil & known as Reed Island in the St. Johns River):



1. On Pg. 2, line 13, strikes the first “necessary”.

2. States in the bill that the property is being purchased for the appraised value.

3. Corrects waiver section regarding parkland preservation to Section 122.421(b).

4. As recommended by OGC, includes a waiver of Section 122.424(a)(1) concerning adjoining property owners.



NCSPHS amendment, plus adds:

5. Attaches a Revised Exhibit 1 (revised purchase and sale agreement) to add two Waterways Commission-recommended amendments to require the Buyer to maintain the nature trail and to require the City to have an ADA-compliant dock and picnic area.






(ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver an Amendment 2 to lease Agreemnt btwn The City of Jax ("City") & Grace Aerospace, LLC. ("Tenant"), for the lease of (1) 4,350 sq. ft. of addnl space within Bldg 905 at Cecil Commerce Center):

1. Adds language regarding $200 monthly common area maintenance fee (CAM) for Building 905-1.

2. Adds extension of initial term and renewal options to bill title.

3. On Pg. 2, line 4, makes “Sq.” and “Space” lowercase.

4. On Pg. 2, line 31, strikes “OED” and inserts “Office of Economic Development”.

5. Places revised Amendment Two On File to correct text formatting on page 1 of lease amendment.






(ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute a Purchase & Sale Agreemt btwn City of Jax & the Vestcor Family Foundation, Inc to effectuate the purposes of the agreemt, for the conveyance to Developer of Propty., comprised of 2 parcels consisting of approx 10.42 acres parcels of Parkland & unimproved Real Propty at 2100 & 2039 Forest St):

1. Strikes declaration of surplus from bill title.

2. Strikes easement language from bill title.

3. In first whereas clause, clarifies that only a portion of the subject REs are being conveyed.

4. Removes reference to Real Estate Certificate in Section 2 of bill and removes Exhibit 1 (Real Estate Certificate).

5. Adds language that the sales proceeds will be used for the District 9 geographic area shown on the map and attaches the map as a new Exhibit 2.

6. Corrects title of Section 2 of bill.

7. On page 4, strikes lines 5-7 in their entirety (related to construction of the parking lot).

8. Places revised purchase and sale agreement On File to:

  - change party names to “COJ” and “VFF”

  - remove obligation for VFF to construct parking lot, which will now be constructed by COJ

  - change timeframe for City to provide Escrow Funds from 60 days to 30 days

  - remove limitation that Escrow Funds can only be used for remediation of the top two feet of land

  - limit COJ funding for ash remediation to a maximum of $1,540,777

- require COJ accept all ash impacted soils

   -require that VFF provide easements

  - require VFF convey property located at 257 Goodwin St. to the City at no cost, and include in its SJRWMD permit drainage for the future COJ parking lot

  - attach Exhibit C to attach map of future COJ parking lot.





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