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(Rezoning at 6761 Atlantic Blvd btwn Bella Vista Dr and Johnston Ave from CRO to PUD - The Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Inc. – Knight Campus):

Rezoning approved subject to conditions:

(1) Wayfinding Signs type #2 and type #3 shall be deleted.

(2) All signs shall meet the ten (10) foot setback and twenty-five (25) foot sight triangle at all entrances.

(3) All traffic control signs shall meet MUTCD standards, including mounting type, height, distance from road and reflectivity.

(4) Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description).






(Rezoning at 4455,4521 Atlantic Blvd; 0,1315,1362 St. Elmo Drive, & 0 Hart Bridge South btwn Highland Ave & Live Oak Lane from PUD to PUD-Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Inc. – Main Campus & St. John’s Episcopal Church):

Rezoning approved subject to conditions:

1)      The development shall be subject to the Transportation Planning Division memorandum dated November 30, 2018, or as otherwise approved by the Planning and Development Department.

2)      Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.

3)      The Episcopal School of Jacksonville (ESJ) has agreed to incorporate the following terms and conditions, with all work to be completed at the sole cost and expense of ESJ:

1.   Up to two speed tables shall be installed on St. Elmo Drive in locations to be determined by the City.

2.   ESJ shall petition the City to reduce speed limits on St. Elmo Drive and Live Oak Lane to twenty (20) miles per hour, or lower, and to install appropriate signage as determined by the City. This condition shall be considered satisfied at such time as ESJ petitions the City, and no cause of action for enforcement of this condition shall arise should approval not be granted.

3.   A public access sidewalk shall be installed on the City right-of-way, on the west side of St. Elmo Drive, and running from Atlantic Boulevard the entire length of St. Elmo Drive to the middle school drop-off/pick-up site, and it shall meet the City’s sidewalk standard.

4.   ESJ shall seek approval to prohibit U-turns and install “NO U-TURN” signage at the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and St. Elmo Drive. This condition shall be considered satisfied at such time as ESJ requests the signage and no cause of action for enforcement of this condition shall arise should approval not be granted.

5.   Back-out parking shall be permitted along the western boundary of St. Elmo Drive as currently constructed.  To the extent required by Section 316.195(3), Florida Statutes, the City Council hereby approves such back-out parking in the right-of-way, subject to review and approval by the City’s Traffic Engineer.

6.   Not more than two (2) monument signs along Atlantic Boulevard and one (1) monument sign along Highland Avenue at the entrance to the school shall be permitted of up to a maximum of one hundred (100) square feet in area, and six (6) feet in height, each.

7.   Detailed instructions shall be routinely issued to any private security guards employed by ESJ to clarify their scope of duty.  ESJ shall supply a copy of the security guard instructions, and any subsequent updates, via email to the secretary of Live Oak Manor Neighborhood Association.

8.   ESJ shall routinely communicate with parents regarding the approved traffic route for accessing the campus, traffic safety, and consideration of the neighborhood. Copies of all such communications shall be supplied via email to the secretary of the Live Oak Manor Neighborhood Association.

9.   At least one meeting annually, prior to the beginning of each school year, shall be hosted by ESJ with the neighborhood residents to discuss any upcoming events, new construction, or changes to the school operation and to address any ongoing concerns.  Additional meetings, at the request of the Live Oak Manor Neighborhood Association, or at the request of ESJ, shall be scheduled as needed to address any concerns by either party.  These meetings are to be held at a mutually agreeable time upon request by either party.

10. Any building to be constructed at the intersection of Munnerlyn Drive and St. Elmo Drive shall be designed so that the primary vehicle access shall be from Munnerlyn Drive, and a right-only exit shall be permitted onto St. Elmo Drive.

11. No permits shall be issued for construction of the information kiosk until the following work is completed:

a.   A two-way public road shall be built to City standards from St. Elmo Drive to Live Oak Lane south of the proposed entry pavilion, as generally depicted on Exhibit 5, attached hereto.

b.   Typical monument signage identifying the “LIVE OAK MANOR” neighborhood shall be installed at the corner of St. Elmo Drive and the new two-way public road. The design, location and orientation shall be approved by the City and the Live Oak Manor Neighborhood Association.

c.   At least two (2) off-duty Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office officers shall be employed by ESJ to direct traffic during morning drop-off, afternoon pick-up, and during special events. This condition shall remain in place unless the middle school drop-off/pick-up site is permanently relocated to Munnerlyn Drive.

d.   Approval shall be sought to prohibit right turns on red from Atlantic Boulevard onto St. Elmo Drive, and to install “NO RIGHT TURN ON RED” signage for the traffic light at the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and St. Elmo Drive.  This condition shall be considered satisfied at such time as ESJ requests the signage and no cause of action for enforcement of this condition shall arise should approval not be granted.”

Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (subject property map).

Attaches new Exhibit 5 (St. Elmo Roadway Modification Exhibit).


Attaches a Revised Exhibit 5 (revised road plan conforming the Exhibit to LUZ’s recommended removal of the “No Parking” sign condition).






(Granting Appl of GEL Corporation for Initial CON for GEL Recycling Jax Construction & Demolition Debris & Yard Trash Processing & Recycling Facility):

Attaches Second Revised Exhibit 1 (second revised CON).






(Apv 2019B Series Text Amend to the Capital Improvemts Element, Conservation & Coastal Management Element, Future Land Use Element, Infrastructure Element & Intergovernmental Coordination Element of 2030 Comp Plan to Adopt by reference State Mandated Ten (10) Year Water Supply Facilities Work Plan):

1.      Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised text amendment) to address JEA comments.

2.      Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (Water Supply Facilities Work Plan 2018-28).






(Rezoning 742 Arlington Rd btwn Mickler Rd and Arlington Rd North from RLD-80 to PUD - Diocese of St. Augustine, Inc.):

Rezoning approved subject to a condition:
1) All free-standing lighting shall not exceed sixteen (16) feet in height. All building attached lighting shall be directed down and not directly visible from the adjacent residential property. Any light or combination of light that casts light on the adjacent residential properties may not exceed 0.4-foot candles (meter reading) as measured one (1) foot inside the lot line of any residential district.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description).






(ORD Approp $71,580.00 from Unobligated Federal Grant Funds to provide the Environmental Quality Div funding to purchase Equip for Air monitoring Sites within Duval County):

Includes name of grant in bill.






(ORD Approp $393,272.00 from Dept of Homeland Security/FEMA thru Fla Div of Emerg Mgmt to JSO, No Local Match, Provide funding for Regional Specialized training. Purchase of specialized equip, and addition of the Public Safety Analyst/SPE Position):

Places revised agreement On File to include all Exhibits.






(Approp $1,000,000.00 from Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund, Sub Fund 15F, for County-Wide Prog Entitled "Level 2 Tree Planting Prog" to provide tree planting on Public Land in Duval County suggested by individuals or groups and administered by the City):

1. Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT).

2. Corrects reference to Exhibit 1 on pg. 2, line 31 to Exhibit 2 and corrects labeling of exhibit.






(Approp $110,670.00 from Air Pollution Tag Fee Fund Balance to Provide Funding to the Environmental Quality Div (EQD) to purchase Model T640 PM Mass Monitors, a Two-Channel Automated Canister, an Air Toxic Standad, and an Olfactometer Package):

1. Corrects explanation of appropriation.

2. Pg. 1, line 10 corrects spelling of “olfactometer”.






(Approp $84,600.00 from Environmental Protection Bd (EPB) Trust Fund to EPB Trust Fund Operating Account to assistance to Groundwork Jax, Inc. in development of a Habitat Restoration Plan for McCoys Creek):

1. Pg. 1, line 5: inserts “of fund balance” after “$84,600”

2. Pg. 1, line 7: strikes “to the EPB Trust Fund operating account”

3. Pg. 2, line 6: strikes “a transfer of funds” and insert “an appropriation of fund balance”.

4. Pg. 2, line 8: strikes “operating account” and insert “miscellaneous services and charges account”.

5. Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 to:

- require annual reports on or before September 15 through 9/30/2021.

- correct term end date to 9/30/2021.

- correct scriveners.






(Creating New Pt 2 (KingSoutel Crossing Community Redev Agency Adv Bd), within Chapt 53 (Community Redev Agency Adv Bd), Ord Code, to Create an Adv Bd):

1. Corrects references from Chapter 55 to Chapter 26.

2. Includes titles of all Ordinance Code references.

3. Includes in bill and title that Sec. 26.203 is being amended.

4. Corrects numbering of bill sections.

5. Pg. 2, line 3: strikes “Part 1” and insert “Part 2”.

6. Adds ellipses after Pg. 2, line 6.

7. Pg. 5, line 14: strikes “55.205” and inserts “26.203”.






(Execute Agreemt btwn City and VYSTAR Credit Union for Naming Rights of the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena and Providing for Renaming of the Arena as "VYSTAR Veterans Memorial Arena"):

1.     Corrects the scriveners’ errors within the bill.

2.     Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (Arena naming Rights and Sponsorship Agreement) to:

a.     Clarify that the Veterans Concession Donation Program annual match amount and the Veterans Events Contribution annual amount will also increase by 3% each year.

b.     Correct the end date of the Negotiation Period to April 1, 2034.

c.     Correct section references.

3.     Allows the Veterans Council of Duval County to evaluate and make funding recommendations to the Mayor on use of the trust fund, to be included in the annual budget ordinance for appropriation by City Council.

4.     Allows disbursement of funds to approved programs subject to the availability of appropriated funding within the Trust Fund.

5.     Provides that 10% of any liquidated damages paid pursuant to the agreement will be allocated to the Arena Trust Fund in the same manner as the naming rights revenues are allocated.

6.     Mandates use of the word “Veterans” in any shortened name used by the City or the private arena management company in promotion of the arena.

7.     Requires that the City’s proceeds from this agreement, apart from those allocated to the Veterans Trust Fund, will be used exclusively for the benefit of the arena with first priority given to capital maintenance needs.






(Approp $3,456,857.00 from Public Bldg - Camera Reserve Public Parking ITD Operations and Equip Refresh to Provide Upgrades, Replacements, and New Installations of Video Hardware, Cameras, and Network Infrastructure as part of the City's Enterprise Security Video Camera Solution):

1. Corrects title to provide breakout of funding.

2. Corrects explanation of appropriation.

3. Correct number of cameras should be 1,666 on pg. 2, line 6.








(ORD Concerning FY 2018-2019 Police & Fire Pension Fund (PFPF) Budget; Amend Ord 2018-504-E (Budget Ord) to Revise PFPF Operating Budget & Revise Schedules AB & AC):

1. Includes in title that Section 6.1 is also being amended.

2. Adds “Revised” after “PFPF” in Section 1 title.

3. Corrects name of Section 6.1.

4. Pg. 2, line 6: inserts the word “Section” before “6.2”.






(ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute The Subordination Agreemt with Campus Towers Senior Living, Inc. in order to subordinate the City's $510,000.00 loan to Edward Waters College to (1) A new Elderly Housing Community Loan and (2) A Future Low Income Housing Tax Credit Loan):

Changes reference from Exhibit 1 to the On File agreement within Section 1 of the bill.






(ORD Apv Assumption by City of Obligations of a License Agreemnt btwn FL East Coast Railway, LLC, and Flagler Dev Company LLC, to pay Annual License Fee for the Railroad Crossing at Flagler Ctr at Gran Bay Blvd & Philips Highway):

Clarifies that Flagler Dev. Company is currently responsible for half of the annual maintenance cost of warning devices; corrects scrivener errors.






(ORD Approp $50,000.00 from Environmental Protection Bd (EPB) Trust Fund to EPB Fund Operating Account to assist in development & activation of the Emerald Necklace by Providing funding to Groundwork Jax, Inc.):

1. Pg. 1, line 5: inserts “of fund balance” after “$50,000”.

2. Pg. 1, lines 6-8: strikes “to the Environmental Protection Board Fund operating account”.

3. Pg. 2, line 8: strikes “being transferred” and insert “an appropriation of fund balance”.

4. Pg. 2, line 10: strikes “Operating Account” and insert “miscellaneous services and charges”.

5. Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised funding agreement) to require annual reports for 3 years and correct typo.






(RESO Regarding Public Health & Safety Concerns for Residents of the City of Jax and Town of Baldwin; Urging Train Industry to work collectively with each other, Requesting and Urging the FL Legislature to Enact Legislation impacting a change in the current Railroad Industry practices):

1. Changes “train” to “railroad” throughout the bill when referencing the industry.

2. Pg. 3, line 17 HB number should be 309.






(RESO Appt Vanessa Swindell as Member of Jax-Duval County Council on Elder Affairs):

1. Corrects term end date to 6/30/2020.

2. Corrects term from partial to first full term.






(RESO Conf Appt of Kirsten Doolittle, to Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville):

1. Corrects term end date to 9/30/2019.

2. Correct term from first full to partial term.






(RESO Conf Appt of Christopher Collier Dostie as a Member of the Context Sensitive Streets Standards Comm.):

Corrects term end date to 7/31/2022.







(ORD Regarding Pt 1 (Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity), Chapt 380 (Solid Waste Managemt), Ord Code; Amend Sec 380.102 (Definitions), Ord Code, to include additional definitions for certain facilities):



1. In new subsection (j) of 380.104 includes yard trash recycling facility.

2. In new subsection (p) of 380.108 strikes reference to Section 380.104(j).



NCSPHS amendment, plus adds:

3. Includes new section 380.108(q) concerning transfer station requirements.






(ORD Approp $148,128.00 in the Kids Hope Alliance Budget's Juvenile Justice Prevention/Intervention, Preteens and Teen, and Special Needs Essential Svcs Plan Categories to fund Addnl Afterschool & Summer Programming Location at Southside Middle School):

1. Pg. 1, line 6: strikes “IN” and inserts “FROM”.

2. Corrects amounts in Section 4 of bill.

3. Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT).

4. Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (Sixth Revised Schedule M).


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