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Substitute and rerefer

(ORD-MC Creating New Sec 320.202 (Commercially Leased Rentals; Apv of Proposed Use Prior to Lease), to Require a Bldg Confirmation Ltr or Architect's Cert for Commercially Leased Parcels):

1.      Removes creation of a new Section 320.202 concerning commercially leased parcels which required a Building Confirmation letter before an owner could lease or rent a commercial property.

2.      Amends Section 656.152 (Certificates of use application and fee) to require a Tenant Affirmation and Acknowledgment and a Landlord Affirmation and Acknowledgment for leased property which will assist the tenant to make an informed decision before entering into a lease which may require costly improvements to get the type of use the tenant ultimately wants.

3.      Attaches the Tenant Affirmation and Acknowledgement and the Landlord Affirmation and Acknowledgement forms.






(ORD-Q Rezoning at 6761 Atlantic Blvd btwn Bella Vista Dr and Johnston Ave from CRO to PUD – Knight Campus of The Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Inc.): rezoning approved subject to conditions:

1. Wayfinding Signs type #2 and type #3 shall be deleted.

2. All signs shall meet the 10 foot setback and 25 foot sight triangle at all entrances.

3. All traffic control signs shall meet MUTCD standards, including mounting type, height, distance from road and reflectivity.

4. Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description).






(ORD-Q Rezoning at Southwest Quadrant of Intersec of State Road 9A Expressway & State Road 9B Expressway from IL to CCG-1): Technical substitute that places the bill in the proper format for a companion to 2018-825.






(ORD Approp $112,745.00 from Metropolitan Park Maint (SF 1D4) - Dockage & Rental of City Facilities to Metropolitan Park Maint - Operating Expenses to provide funds for Maint & Improvements to Metropolitan Park and various facilities): on Pg. 1, line 26, strikes “a transfer of funds” and insert “an appropriation of revenue”.






(ORD Approp $790,000.00 by transferring funds from Operating Supplies - Rescue & Fire Operation in the FY 19 Gen Fund Budget to Capital Outlay, Bunker Gear, and Clothing Sub-Objects to purchase Clothing & Bunker gear for the new Rescue Personnel and Capital Equip for Eight (8) new Rescue Vehicles):

1. Spells out “SCBA” (self-contained breathing apparatus).

2. Pg. 2, line 5, strikes “No match is required.”

3. Attaches revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT).






(Ord Repealing and Creating New Chapt 122 (Public Propty, Pt 4 (Real Propty), Subpart A (Acquisition of Interests in Real Propty) and Subpart B (Real Propty Dispositions and Exchanges):



1. In Section 122.401(c)(1) removes section reference and replace with “Part 4”.

2. In Section 122.411(a)(1)(i) replaces “county” with “City”.

3. On page 13, line 4 corrects Section number to 122.416.

4. In Section 122.421(i) corrects Section 111.130 fund name.

5. In Section 122.423(b) corrects section reference to 122.401(e).

6. For Section 122.426 changes “development” to “redevelopment”.

7. In Section 122.429(c) changes “short term” to “60 days” and includes that a reasonable fee could be charged for private use.

8. Page 29, line 1 includes fund name in the title.

9. For new language in Sections 111.755 and 111.920 removes “General Fund”.

10. Corrects Scrivener errors.

11. In Section 122.423(a)(2) clarifies that parcel should have legal access to a public road and not necessarily front a public road.

12. In Section 122.423(a)(3) adds “or existing septic system”.

13. In Section 122.423(a)(6) strikes “zoned for use” and add “used for”.

14. In Section 122.423(c) requires that a certificate of occupancy be received within 2 years from the donation and include definition of “Affordable Housing”.



NCSHS amendment, plus adds

15. On p. 16, line 11 strike “other than escheated or foreclosed property” to require that all parcels to be subjected to a needs analysis before being disposed of.

16. Clarifies that the Real Estate Division’s authority over downtown real estate is limited by previous delegation of authority to the Downtown Investment Authority.

17. Clarifies that the vacation, closure and abandonment of rights-of-way, streets, alleys, etc. was not included in the Real Estate Division’s delegation of power.

18. Adds a reporting requirement on activities two years after enactment of this bill.






(ORD Auth Execution of a Redev Agreemt btwn the City of Jax,("City"), Downtown Investment Authority ("DIA"), & Axis Hotels LLC to support renovation by Developer of the Ambassador Hotel Bldg located at 420 N. Julia St & Construction of Approx 200 Residential Units of Market Rate Housing):



Places a Revised Agreement On File to:

a.       Correct referenced DIA resolution to 2018-09-03 in Section 1.2.

b.      Change base year to 2019.

c.       In Section 5.1 strike references to residential apartments, retail space and office space.

d.      In Section 6.1 fill in Final Year of REV to be 2038.

e.       Remove references to Loan in Section 10.1.

f.       Correct scrivener’s errors.



NCSPHS amendment, plus adds:

g.     Revises the number of hotel rooms from 127 to approximately 100 and the number of apartments from 200 to approximately 220.

h.    Places Second Revised Agreement On File





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